Video tapes of series

Miam! (Yum Yum!)
(26x2 minutes, DVD Pal, French or Englishversion)

(13x5 minutes, DVD Pal, French version and english subtitled)

(65x1 minute, DVD Pal,
no dialogue)

"Soupe Opéra"
(26x2 minutes , DVD Pal and NTSC,
no dialogue)

"Les animaux des quatre saisons"
(14x5 minutes, DVD Pal, french version)

"Mise en plis"
(26x1 minute, DVD Pal,
no dialogue)

(52 minutes, DVD pal,
Basque version subtitled in french)

To order from foreign countries :

Each DVD is sold 31 euros.
You can pay with Paypal.
Please send your your name, address, and don't forget to indicate the chosen title for video.
Your command will be sent by french post.
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